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Organic Monferrato Honey

-   WHO WE ARE  -

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Vallera beekeeping is an agricultural company founded in 2001 on the hillsides of Monferrato and dedicated exclusively to the breeding of bees and the production of  organic honey
The business was set-up by Davide with the intention of revamping his grandfather Emilio’s agricultural farm, renowned for its wine and amateur bee breeding. 
Our artisanal and mainly hand-crafted processes aim to supply a pure and exceptionnally gourmet product which respects the life cycle of insects, which is particularly appreciated by bees. 
Our processes include the use of organic products to combat the Varroa destructor parasites (the main bee parasite), and the use of organic wax with no chemical residues. The honey is not pasteurised and therefore maintains all of its organic, natural qualities.

In the last years Roberta, Davide's wife, brought her designer experience, and through this collaboration comes a new packaging, always with the beloved Ladybug symbol.

"In this adventure I was leaded by my love for ancient gestures; the purity of honey encouraged me - centuries go by and he never changes -; every day the bees' strenght and intelligence sustain me: they need to be cared, but they are able to guide me.

I want to offer a honey which can tell all these stories through its perfume and the infinite flavour nuances".

Respect for the environment means for me to choose a highly sustainable production, which can help to preserve the nature through organic breeding and a small scale farm oriented on quality and typicity".

Davide Bosio

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